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Shield Dam Advantage

1, the structure is simple, easy to install. Modular, modular structure without the need to use large construction equipment, saving manpower, material resources, financial resources, the construction period is small.
2, with full security. Steel shield plate fully protect the rubber dam bag, the dam bag can provide sufficient buffer, do not fear the sudden impact of large floating objects.
3, ecological landscape effect is good. The overflow will form a waterfall, very beautiful.
4, the management of low operating costs. Running will not happen card hanging, no regular maintenance.
5, cleaning sludge discharge capacity. Collapse of the dam when the shield completely affixed to the base of the board, water resistance height of less than 9 cm.
6, strong seismic capacity. Shield plate and the foundation is a soft connection, will not cause system failure and loss of normal operation ability.
7, a wide range of application. Suitable for various hydrological conditions of the river, suitable for the construction of urban beautification. Can be directly applied to the transformation of a variety of rubber dam, automatic dam.