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Steel gate series

Steel gate is usually used to open and close the active structure of the water inlet in the local hydraulic structures. It can regulate the flow, control the water level, the effect of the delivery of the vessel.

Advantages of rotating shaft steel gate:

At the end of the horizontal rotating steel gate, the gate structure relates to technical field of water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, city landscape engineering, including a number of door leaf are fixed to each other, at the lower end of the door leaf is fixedly connected with the bottom of the horizontal axis, the bottom shaft rotatably connected a plurality of hinge seat, the door leaf of the two side are respectively provided with hydraulic hoist the bottom machine, both ends of the transverse shaft are respectively and fixedly connected with the actuating arm, each starting at the upper end of the telescopic rod hinge arm connected with the hydraulic hoist connection, each hydraulic hoist is hinged on the support, each bearing are respectively arranged in the locking device, one end of each locking device are respectively connected with the actuating arm hinge. According to the utility model, the hydraulic hoist arm driven by starting the bottom horizontal rotation so as to drive the gate to make the arc movement, and controlled by a locking device of gate opening angle. The utility model has the advantages of simple technique, simple structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, reliable performance, and can be applied to the water, the flood, the artificial waterfall, etc.. The gate relates to a steel dam gate, which belongs to the technical field of the gate, the invention is the improvement of the existing steel gate structures, connected by setting the base at the door leaf of the rigid bottom shaft, and at the bottom near the ends of the shaft such as a connecting rod or even gear or a fan gear transmission, when installed, both ends of the the invention in the bottom shaft are respectively arranged in the supporting seat, the connecting rod in the corresponding driving device under the action of the fan or gear or gear to rotate, thereby driving the bottom shaft to rotate in a certain range, so that the door leaf sector movement, in order to achieve the purpose of controlling the water level, the invention has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance, can be made water flooding, lying door door, top can be utilized to pass water gate, the formation of artificial waterfall landscape effect, the use of natural and not the destruction of nature, not only can solve the contradiction of city flood control and water storage, but also conducive to the Protection of ecological environment.

Steel gate: 

1.plane type door leaf steel gate: the water retaining plate is a kind of steel gate

2.arc steel gate: the water retaining plate is a kind of steel gate with arc shape.