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Shandong lubei wudi horse buccal river rubber dam project had been completed smoothly

The release date: 2016-09-06 Browse the number : 874

Wudi shandong lubei high-tech development zone, the horse buccal river rubber dam project completed on schedule. The project invested by each enterprise in the house of nearly ten million yuan to build, can cut fresh water storage more than 2000, ten thousand, will greatly relieve the strain on water, and save money. 3500-40 million yuan a year for the enterprise. At the same time, for the horse buccal river on both sides of the small potow, tateishi mountain, Cheng mouth three town village of dozens of agricultural irrigation.

Shandong lubei high-tech development zone, the total planning area of 101.8 square kilometers, which is divided into circular economy demonstration area, form a complete set of industrial district, lingang industrial district, lubei new four big area, such as built up area reached 11 square kilometers. After years of development, the park built five longitudinal six horizontal trunk roads, 4 point such as the construction of form a complete set of 220 kv substation, 100000 tons/day sewage treatment plant, 150000 square/day water supply project, 12 million tons of 12 million cubic meters of the reservoir, and 6 park scale centralized heat supply center, major infrastructure facilities, such as 3000 tons berth wharf engineering. Cultivating formed the basis of the chemical industry, fine chemical, non-ferrous metals, energy industry, lingang logistics and other leading industries. Park according to the concept of circular economy development, industry vertical extension, lateral connection, supporting each oth