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Dagu Qingdao river treatment project has new progress, and then add 9 water storage dam

The release date: 2012-12-03 Browse the number : 955

Dagu river management project and new progress. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, in order to give full play to the Dagu river water source, the city intends to implement the Dagu river sluice dam project, a total investment of 596 million yuan, after the completion can increase the storage capacity of about twenty million cubic meters, mainly for the Dagu river basin to nourish the land, increase groundwater. In addition, the dam project can also improve the "Mother River" of flood control standards.


"The mother river" is built on 9 dams

Dagu river basin is one of the important water source in Qingdao City, to expand the amount of water, because the water system should build water connected, Shuilv dependent 100 km river landscape corridor, Qingdao city Dagu River Management Office intends to build the development and utilization of Dagu water resources project in Qingdao city?? Dagu River Sluice dam project, the project total investment of about 596 million yuan, mainly for the construction of 9 dams and supporting the management room and control room, involving Laixi, pingdu. After the completion of the project to increase the surface length of 40.07 kilometers, will form a continuous surface with three high-speed to Nanzhuang rubber dam, increase the storage capacity of 28 million 950 thousand cubic meters, an increase of water storage area of 15 square kilometers. Total project covers an area of 207.95 acres, of which 43.94 acres of permanent, temporary covers an area of 164.01 acres, no submerged area. Project construction period is from October 2013 to July 2014.


The equivalent of a month of urban water supply

As a water city, the increase of water resources is the priority among priorities of the castle. At present the existing Castle diversion project can basically meet the public demand for water. Dagu River barrage dam project is completed, the new increase of 28 million 950 thousand cubic meters of water, the current urban residents of 600 thousand cubic meters of water a day, enough to drink more than a month of urban residents. Reporters from the city water department, with the acceleration of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, Yangtze River water is expected to flow into the castle, then I outside water can achieve double insurance. At present, the new dam impoundment is not planned, mainly used for future agriculture, flood control and other purposes.

The cascade rubber dam river flood storage 

At present, the Dagu river has a total of 11 rubber dam in the Qingdao River Basin, which is a small river in." Mention of the rubber dam, Dagu river management office responsible person knows, the Dagu River Estuary to Chicago reservoir production, the existing Shanghai Road, Sha Fu, Jiang Jia Zhuang, Sha Wan Zhuang, yuanjiazhuang, wind shift, Yatou, Chahe, Jia Tuan, Mount Longhu, Nanzhuang 11 cascade dam, a storage capacity of 40 million can be stopped cubic meters, effective recharge of groundwater. However, water storage, flood the 11 rubber dams, far can not solve the coastal water, draft. "This administration will build 9 rubber dam, the storage capacity is strong, on both sides of flood control, irrigation, industrial and agricultural water, is a huge improvement. "Rubber dam, also known as rubber sluice, using high strength synthetic fiber fabric as the bearing frame, inner and outer coating rubber protection layer, processed into fabric, then the anchor on the floor into a closed dam bag, filling and discharging pipe through the water (gas) bag the inflation formation dam. The rubber dam on the Dagu river is filled with water.  

To improve the underground water level dam

Historically, due to intermittent River and low, the flood control capacity of the Dagu river embankment is weak, often burst, flooding coastal residents suffered the pain. Only in the modern history, from the Qing Tongzhi four years (1866 to 1916), the Dagu river has burst 7 times, each time in the affected area of 40 thousand hectares. The flood destroyed farmland not only houses, but also destroy the traffic, in 1911 and 1912 respectively, Jiaoji railway was thrust 100 meters and 400 meters. The construction of rubber dam, flood control capacity plays a great. From the beginning of the last century, Qingdao city every year to come up with a large amount of money for the comprehensive management of the Dagu River Basin, only the construction of a river rubber dam, a total investment of 800 million -9 billion yuan. Dagu River, the existing 11 rubber dams in flood control contributed, river Dagu river now, the flood control standard from the past in less than 10 years to 20 years of improvement. The forthcoming completion of the dam once completed, in addition to the original river building renovation or reconstruction, the flood control capacity to another level, all the project will reach 50 years standard. In addition, the dam can be added to recharge the groundwater recharge, improve the underground water level line, effectively conserve underground water sources, to ensure the supply of coastal water.