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Application of gas shield dam in China

The release date: 2014-02-28 Browse the number : 1121


Gas shield dam, also known as the pneumatic shield gate dam, the advantages of both the rubber dam and steel gate, firmness and flexibility, is a water retaining structure model, by the American 0HI company in 1990s developed, which is mainly composed of a water retaining shield plate, composed of an inflatable airbag and control system etc.. The use of inflatable airbag support shield plate retaining water, air exhaust after the collapse of the dam, balloon lying on the shield plate, can avoid the sand, ice and other damage to the dam bag; air bag filling medium for the gas, the collapse of the dam rapidly; all components are prefabricated parts, installation time is short; the shield plate and the airbag module. And repair. But because of the core technology and special materials (rubber balloon) has been dominated by the United States, the high price, the Beijing market survey, 2~3 meters high imported gas shield dam per meter cost up to 500 thousand yuan, greatly affected the promotion and application of the dam type. With the domestic rubber dam, turn over plate technology matures, the gas shield dam has achieved localization, domestic prices have dropped significantly.

       2012 "7.21" heavy rainfall causes varying degrees of destruction of the territory of Fangshan District River, the Juma River Crossing sixth and nine rubber dam damage, not the formation of the surface water. In the river water damage repair, Fangshan District for the first time reference gas shield dam replacement Juma Hanoi original rubber dam, this is the first case of independent manufacture and installation of gas shield dam in China, gas shield dam in Beijing city in 2013 Fangshan District built to Ma River, is currently running well, has a good extension and application value. The staff said that the district water authority, gas shield dam bag has the advantages of small volume, short charging time, in the flood dam collapse, supporting air bag hidden in the shield plate, water floats and rolling stone plate and support inclusion vnd, airbag and subsidiary system is not affected by water erosion and hook, the airbag is not easy to be a bad bar and, the exhaust time is short, can achieve timely dam collapse, will guarantee a greater degree of river flood safety. At the same time, gas shield dam in daily sluicing, natural landscape waterfalls, beautiful and novel.



      Juma sixth, nine Gas Shield Crossing dam are 1.8 meters high, dam length respectively 118 meters and 83 meters, will be built to form a new broad surface, will meet the demand of ecological river landscape, gas shield in flood dam dam collapse, hidden in the shield support air bag after the water floating plate, and the rolling stones and supporting plate Yuedun inclusions, airbag and affiliated system is not affected by the water erosion and hook, the airbag is not easy to be a bad bar, and the exhaust time is short, can achieve timely dam collapse, a greater degree of assurance of river flood safety.

      2015, Luoyang city water system construction is an important component of Yiluo River Ecological Civilization demonstration area is in an orderly manner. In Luohe East Lake project construction, construction personnel to promote, the near future, Luohe East Lake this green corridor will show in the world, "the North Water City" is a step into reality. The project is located in the Yi River and Luo Jiahetan, planning the scope of the south to the north to the Yi River and Luohe River, West to Luoyang city in Sui and Tang Dynasties relics, East Han Luoyang Gucheng site, planning a total area of about 55 square kilometers. Among them, water project construction Luohe East Lake, East Lake Yi River and Yiluo engineering is orderly connected.

      Luohe East Lake project includes the upstream and downstream river project and East Lake dam, located downstream of Luohe two broad highway bridge, after the completion of the project, can form a surface area of 4850 mu, 16 million 300 thousand cubic meters of water. Luoyang water conservancy related staff said, East Lake dam project is located in the White Horse Temple Village project, a total length of 518 meters, the water retaining dam gas shield technology, will be the world's longest gas shield dam.

       Except in the building or built gas shield dam, China's other places also in the construction of gas shield dam, and learn professional knowledge about gas shield dam. Thus, the domestic gas shield dam is gradually being used and popularized in china.