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Service commitment

1.service commitment
Service objectives: to maximize the satisfaction of the needs of the guests.
Service concept: standardized management, sincere service, outstanding personality, the pursuit of perfection
2.service commitment: urgent customer's urgent, want customers to think, until customer satisfaction.

1.provide the scientific system of the planning and design of
The company relies on their strong technological advantages, as well as related cooperation Institute of scientific research strength of rubber dam project planning, dam bag, anchor structure, control system and safety observation equipment, civil engineering, construction of dam foundation construction to provide scientific and technical design. Its services include:
1、to provide customers with technical consulting and design of pre investment estimation support; 
2、the preparation of project design documents at all stages of the;
3、to provide product technical conditions; assist the construction of
1、assist to guide the installation of the product in the contract provisions of the rubber dam installation construction time before the project staff together with the customer engineering staff to prepare for the implementation of the pre inspection and confirmation.
2、the two sides will work together to develop the project schedule to implement the project installation, the company engineering and customer engineering staff should work closely together, according to the division of responsibilities of the two sides to complete the construction task.
3、construction and commissioning after the completion of the acceptance by the two sides of the group acceptance, acceptance after acceptance, put into use by the two sides signed the acceptance report.


3.cargo transport
The company has a fixed relationship with a number of logistics companies, to ensure that the company's goods can be fast, on time, intact to the construction site.


4.rubber dam management guidance
In the warranty period, the client should send the training personnel in accordance with the "rubber dam technical specification" and the company's rubber dam bag using the instructions on the implementation of product maintenance operations.
Within the warranty period, the dam appears to belong to the quality of the manufacturer's quality problems, free of charge to repair. Does not belong to the quality of manufacturers, but also actively assist the owners to repair, and only the cost of fees. After the expiration of the warranty, the company continues to provide technical guarantee for the maintenance of facilities, the resulting costs borne by the customer.


5.service commitment
1, our company has perfect customer service service system, set up customer service service department, installation and technical guidance and service customer service staff has 10 ~ 15 years of manufacturing experience, the installation of rubber dam, guide the installation of rubber dam and customer service service, rubber dam installation guide to meet customer requirements, meet or exceed the specifications.
2, during the operation of the rubber dam, guide the operation and management of rubber dam in our company, according to the requirements of the owners to give technical training and the help of the rubber dam management unit, the company each year not less than two visits to the new and old customers, timely consultation in the process of dam operation, rationalization proposals to make timely adoption.
3, users enjoy lifelong maintenance services; 4, users can always get products and technical support for construction and free technical training.


6.quality assurance system
The company through the ISO9001 - 2008 edition of the international certification of quality management, raw materials, process, technology, price and other aspects of each have strict control, with traceability.