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    Qingdao Huaming was founded in 1973, annual sales of 100 million yuan, relying on the Qingdao rubber products factory, is a domestic rubber dam, pneumatic shield gate, gas shield dam professional production base. At the same time, the company is China's largest foreign rubber dam supplier.

    The production of rubber dam by the standard specification of rubber dam rubber goods and national rubber Standards Committee Analysis Technology Committee "and" chemical industry, rubber sundry goods quality supervision and inspection center "test and reached beyond the Ministry of water resources" SL227-98 ", and took the lead through the ISO9001-2008 international standard quality system certification in the same industry.

    The company in the rubber dam and pneumatic shield gate, can carry out corresponding exploration, engineering consulting, design, construction, and provide the corresponding engineering related products according to design requirements, the formation of engineering consulting, design, construction, exploration, production, installation and maintenance etc. all in one service system, more convenient for customers, and has been widely recognized by customers.

    The company has advanced production equipment, the annual production capacity of 1 million square meters, and scientific research units and China water conservancy and Hydropower Research Institute of science and technology, the number of colleges and universities, have long-term cooperation agreement, so as to form a complete system of science and technology development, so that companies in the same industry has maintained a leading position in technology. Enterprises have a complete range of quality testing equipment and equipment, all products can be effectively controlled in the ISO9001-2008 international standard quality system.

    Our company engaged in research and technology of rubber dam dam bag manufacturing has 20 years of history, now the production and installation of dam height is 5m, and 5m the following specifications and the form of the dam bag thousands, distributed across the country, and exported to Chile, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria and other countries, good operation effect, trusted by the masses users and highly. Our company not only can produce the high quality rubber dam bag, but also together with the user to design the rubber dam project, and put forward reasonable suggestions, and achieved good results.

    The company always adhere to the "quality, reputation first" purpose, with superb technology, excellent products, reasonable price, sincere service for customers, we look forward to working with customers sincere cooperation and make greater contribution to China's development of the industry of rubber dam.